Sentey Harmoniq Pro Gaming Headset Review

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Let’s take a look at the Sentey Harmoniq Pro gaming headset and whats the difference this gaming headset can make to improve your gaming experience, this is a question many have asked us.

Serious gamers are always seeking the ultimate in a full on gaming experience. That’s why top quality gaming software is so essential. One item you may not have prioritized that makes a huge difference, and that’s your headset. In this article, we’ll discuss SenTey Gaming headsets and tell you why they are the top choice for gamers everywhere. Read on to learn more.

82% 0f over 2,300 customers left 4.3 star and above reviews of this popular gaming headset

Sentey Harmoniq Pro Gaming Headset Sound Quality


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Ordinary headsets just let you hear in two dimensions. The best audio sound experience is multidimensional and puts you at the center of the action. This is true for music, and it is imperative for gaming.

One gaming headset that really delivers an authentic gaming experience is the Sentey Harmoniq Pro GS-4840, also known as the Sentey Harmoniq Pro. There are lots of good things to recommend about this headset, not the least of which is the fact that it delivers true 5.1 surround sound.

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Everything about this headset is top-notch from its built-in VIB2 to a USB connector that’s gold-plated. Catch every nuance with three separate speakers for high, mid and low range enjoyment. Other features include an inline controller for the three drivers and a unidirectional microphone.

In addition to stellar performance, you’ll also get tremendous comfort with the Sentey Harmoniq Pro.

The headband is ergonomic and fully adjustable. It comes with two ear pad sets, one cloth and the other one leather. The cable is sturdy and generous at three full meters (eight feet). The cable is braided, and it’s very flexible.

Great Looks & Great Features, Sentey Harmoniq Pro Gaming Headset Has It All!

Sentey gaming headsets are top performers with great looks. The black, soft-touch finish is accented in silver and red with the SenTey logo. You can adjust the headset and ear-cups for a perfect fit. The ear-cups are deep to avoid pressure on your ears. The interior leather padding on the headset guarantees your comfort for long gaming sessions.

Sentey Harmoniq Pro Inline Controller Features

Sentey Harmoniq Pro-In Line Controller


Thanks to the inline controller, it’s very easy to make minute adjustments. You can control your volume for each of the six speakers individually. You also have control of the mic canceling switch. Everything you need for great gaming sound is literally right there at your fingertips.

All you need to do is look at the six speakers inside the ear-cups to be impressed. They are ample and high quality. The front and rear ones are 30 millimeters each. The center speakers are 40 millimeters each. The subwoofer is 27 millimeters.

If you thought you were impressed by looking at the speakers, just wait ’til you listen to them. You are sure to be blown away by the high quality sound you’ll get for gaming, music and movies.

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Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Other Sentey Gaming Headsets

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Sentey Symph Gaming HeadsetSentey Harmoniq Pro Gaming HeadsetSentey Symph Gaming Headset


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2) Sentey Sonic Boom  7.1 USB-DAC GS-4550SP Gaming Headset

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3) Sentey Vibros 7.1 USB-DAC GS-4540SP Gaming Headset.

Sentey Vibros Gaming HeadsetSentey Vibros Gaming HeadsetSentey Vibros Gaming Headset


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Sentey Gaming Headsets Offer Unbeatable Value!

Sentey Harmoniq Pro-Ear CushionsWhen it comes to choosing the best headset for gaming and any other purpose, you really can’t beat SenTey gaming headsets. They are light weight, comfortable, high quality, durable and top performing. You can switch ear-pads for your comfort, using the soft leather for enjoying movies and listening to music and light, absorbent, breathable cloth for long gaming sessions.

The headset is good looking, sturdy and easy to clean. It is also very adjustable and, if you wear glasses, it won’t interfere with them. The cable is long, strong and flexible.

The headset microphone is powerful and produces very clear sound transmission. You won’t have any problem communicating with your teammates when gaming. It’s easy to move the mic up and out of the way when you aren’t using it, and it stays in place. The volume control for the headset and the mic is perfectly positioned for quick and easy access.

In terms of value and quality, you really can’t make a better purchase than Sentey gaming headsets.

What’s In The Deluxe Premium Package?

  •  82% 0f over 2,300 customers left 4 star and above reviews of this popular gaming headset
  • A sturdy and attractive carrying case
  • A do-not-disturb doorknob sign to keep unwelcome visitors from disturbing you during your gaming sessions.
  • An extremely cool poster that will look great on your wall.
  • A driver and software disc to get you up and running fast.
  • An instruction manual (Probably something you’ll never read until you have a problem, right?)
  • Two sets of ear-pads. Leather and Cloth. Comfort times two.
  • A VIP benefits card. Cool!
  • SenTey stick-on logo.
  • And of course, your Gaming headset.

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Sentey Harmoniq Pro Offers A Full Gaming Sound Experience


Sentey Harmoniq Pro is a quality gaming headset, packed with features to provide hours of gaming satisfaction. They are available at a massive discount online now.


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