Razer Kraken USB Over Ear Headset For Immersive Virtual Surround Sound

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Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken USB Over Ear Headset Packs Virtual Surround Sound

Stylish and powerful, Razer Kraken USB Headset has definitely raised the bar for gaming audio quality with its complete 7.1 surround sound.

The 7.1 virtual surround sound makes this headset a perfect pick for all those looking to enhance their gaming experience.

It modulates the digital surround sound to simulate 360 degree surround experience, allowing the gamers to easily pinpoint directional audio and know exactly where the enemies are located.

Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset Features And Benefits

  • Complete Immersive virtual surround sound. Everything from gunfire, to footsteps, voices, and even the wind in the trees can be heard with positional accuracy relative to your location in the game world.
  • Unidirectional analog microphone. The unidirectional microphone of the Razor Kraken USB leaves no room for miscommunication: crystal clear audio reproduction, with balanced natural sounding tones, and little background noise pickup.
  • Designed for extended gaming comfort Field-tested by countless sports athletes, the Razor Kraken USB is comfortable on your head and ears for extended gaming sessions.
  • Crystal clear audio reproduction
  • Designed for extended gaming comfort
  • Fully adjustable headband and closed ear cups with plush padding make for a perfect fit every time

Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset Available In These Style Options:

  • Black
  • 7.1 Chroma
  • Pro black
  • Pro Green
  • Usb Black
  • World of Tanks

Black Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset Front

Razer Kraken Ear USB Gaming Headset Side ViewRazer Kraken Ear USB Gaming Headset Flat


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The 40mm- neodymium magnet drivers provided in the headset powers the sound signature. It features warm mids, deep bass and crystal clear highs to deliver total gaming immersion.

 The Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset offers omni-directional, flexible and digital microphone allows you to be in distinct contact with other teammates. The retractable design lets you hide the same in the left ear cup to ensure easy storage and transport.

The design of headsets is quite comfortable. It has been tested by professional gamers ensuring optimal ergonomics for long gaming sessions. For regular and passionate gamers, the 7.1 Razer Kraken USB over ear PC and music headset is a feast to their ears.

Razer Kraken USB For Advanced 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound With 

The Razer Kraken USB comes with advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound engines. It allows you to immerse deeper in the game without feeling interrupted with noises in the surroundings.

The engine also provides the benefit of ultra low latency audio-processing. It modulates the source of the audio to simulate a 360 degree surround sound gaming experience.

Razer Kraken Ear USB Gaming Headset Green
Pro Green Razer Kraken Over Ear Headphones

Synapse 2.0 Software In The Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken’s powerful Synapse 2.0 software comes with unified configuration that is capable of high-degree of customization. It allows you to tweak the engine for specifically positioning each surround-sound channel, balance incoming voice, boosts bass levels to achieve fabulous aural precision.

The sophisticated and fully functional engine allows you to have a great control on surround, as well as positional audio settings for individual program. This is to ensure that you get only the best possible experience whether playing a game, listening to music or watching a movie.

Enhanced Digital Microphone

The left ear cup is equipped with enhanced digital microphone boom. This allows you to pull out when needed, maintaining comfort and protection. The sleek form factor of the headset protects microphone during storage and transportation.

The flexible and comfortable design also integrates a mute button that allows you to adjust the microphone as per the individual’s needs, ensuring that you can always position it the way you want at the time of use.

The omni-directional and flexible digital microphone is also equipped with optimized algorithm, It promises pristine voice-quality achieved through typical analog microphones. The microphone also boasts extended wideband-frequency response, higher sensitivity rating, and astounding signal-to-noise ratio.

The Razer Kraken digital microphone is designed to deliver crystal-clear voice reproduction with balanced vocal tone and minimal noise pickup from the background.

Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset Gives Extended Gaming Comfort

The Razer Kraken gaming headset has been tested by a number of professional gamers to determine the level of comfort and optimal ergonomics for long hours of gaming sessions.

The foldable design lets you conveniently and quickly store away and transport the headset. With plush leatherette padding carefully integrated on the ear cups, the Razer Kraken lets you have an absolute comfort while you are immersed in your game.

Razer calls the Kraken one of the most comfortable gaming headsets ever made. It is certainly due to its careful built and loads of support features.

The large, over the ear cups along with memory foam padding ensures that your headset sits securely on the head without slipping, pinching, or moving. It is very light, so you won’t feel like its weighing your head down.

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Razer Kraken Ear USB Gaming Headset Banner


Overall, the simplistic design and features offered in this headset by Razer works really well with gamers. It comes with 7.1 surround sound, wireless functionality and USB audio processors.

The wireless feature is definitely an added advantage in today’s world where having wires is more considered to be more like a curse.

The Razer Kraken is available for quite a reasonable price and with all the features provided, it does make a definite pick for all video game players. Comfortable design allow you to pay games for extended period of time without feeling heavy on your head or getting uncomfortable feelings like pinching and slipping.

It makes a nice alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your gaming headset.


Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset Is For You

if you love to  hear everything from the adrenaline raising sound of gunfire, to the thump of footsteps,  whispered voices, and even the wind in the trees can be heard with supreme positional accuracy in relation to your location in the game world. Fully adjustable, this Razer Kraken USB over ear gaming headset delivers performance requirements.

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