Titanfall Atlas Headset By Turtle Beach Kicks Arse on Xbox, 360 7 PC

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Titanfall Atlas HeadsetTurtle Beach recently released the Turtle Beach Titanfall Atlas Headset for gaming on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. So it comes as no surprise that companies that design high-end headsets are jumping on board already to sell hardware that ties in to this highly anticipated game.

Heads are turning with Turtle Beach’s recent launch of the Titanfall Atlas headset, its newest high end gaming headset which delivers loads of features, taking your gaming to a whole new level.



Turtle Beach Titanfall Atlas Headset Benefits At A Glance:

  • Fully compatible with all versions of Titanfall (Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC)
  • Delivers mind bending audio through 50mm full-range speakers.
  • Ear cups that rotate-to-flat for wearing around your neck
  • Comfortable and extremely lightweight.
  • The headset features a removable and high quality Mic for chat.

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The style of the Titan Atlas headset draws inspiration from its very own name.  Hints of reds, muted grays and bright blues all combine to create a peripheral that is very attractive.

The model was built specifically for the official Titanfall game and ensures vertical warfare that is fast-paced.  The headset allows you to clearly feel every footfall of the gigantic Titan, enables you to pinpoint the enemy’s locations with precision and effectively communicates with pilots as you are fighting to take control on the Frontier.

The Turtle Beach Titanfall Atlas Headset is compatible with PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Titanfall Atlas HeadsetTitanfall Atlas HeadsetTitanfall Atlas Headset

The Audio Advantage Of  Titanfall Atlas Headset

The crisp and clear sound quality allows you to easily dominate the fast-paced first person shooter Titanfall on whatever platform you choose to use.  All the audio cues, such as warning sounds, can clearly be picked up.  You also get all of the Frontier communication advantages with your teammates.

Perhaps the best part of all is the game’s versatility, which includes a powerful amp for Xbox 360 and PC players and Xbox One Audio Adapter for Xbox One and Xbox 360 players.  You can also use the 3.5mm plug on the headset with almost any mobile device or laptop.

You will never need another headset other than the Titanfall Atlas for this purpose.

The headset was designed and made specifically for Xbox One and is compatible with PC and Xbox 360.  It works with all the latest Titanfall versions. Also, the Titanfall Atlas headphone has been tuned to directly deliver high quality performance audio from the Audio Adapter of the Xbox One.

The audio quality is unsurpassed and will enable you and your chosen teammates to dominate the Titanfall Frontier.  The headset features a removable and high quality mic for chat.  It can be used as well on Skype, Xbox LIVE and Xbox One.  There are easy buttons that enable you to mix volumes based on your usability.

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Titanfall Atlas Headset Functionality And Design

The functionality and design allows you to easily disconnect the headset from the amp or audio adapter to use with other devices such as tablets, mobile phones and portable game devices.

Other features include built-in Bass Boost, chat volume control and game volume control.  These features all add more depth and punch to the game’s audio.

The best part of all is that players using Xbox One can also leave their audio adapter or amp connected to the PC for Skype calls and PC gaming.  This means the one gadget provides you with the benefit of two headsets!

The ear cups are covered with breathable mesh cushions that rotate-to-flat seamlessly, making them very comfortable to wear around the neck.  This is true even when the 50 mm speakers are functioning at house full range.



Our Final Verdict on the Titalfall Atlas Headset

If you happen to live with your siblings or friends and like to play games in your spare time without having to invade the privacy of neighbors, parents, siblings or roommates, then the Turtle Beach Titanfall Atlas headset is a very worthwhile investment to make. Just about anything you would ever want is covered by this quality gaming headset.  They are very comfortable to wear, light and durable.


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